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Anne Jeffreys seems able to be almost any place, any time, any guise-- So great is her versatility.
Starting her professional career when a teenager, Miss Jeffreys was a leading junior model for John Robert Powers in New York, while studying for an operatic career.
She was offered and accepted a role in a musical review, "Fun for the Money," to be done in Hollywood, which led to her winning her first movie role, it was "I Married an Angel," with her idols Janette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.
Next, she was put under contract to Republic Studios and made a dozen films for them. One was "Flying Tigers" with John Wayne.
R.K.O. bought out her contract in order for her to co-star with Frank Sinatra "Step Lively," Between her many career film assignments at R.K.O., she managed to continue her singing career by performing with the New York Symphony and the Ford Symphony  and the Los Angeles Opera Company.
Kurt Weill heard her sing "Tosca" at the Brooklyn Opera House and hailed her for his musical version of the Elmer Rice Pulitzer Prize play "Street Scene," for which she received critical acclaim. This started her love for the stage.
Next came "My Romance," a play by Edward Sheldon. The role was tailored for her talents by Mr. J.J. Shubert, who commissioned Sigmund Romberg to compose the music. She toured as well as played it on Broadway for a season.
Miss Jeffreys performed for the three seasons and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, alternating with "Bittersweet" and "The Merry Widow." While there, Cole Porter offered her "Kiss Me Kate." She spent two years and 887 consecutive performances in that classic musical.
During her "Kate" run at the Shubert Theatre in New York, she met Robert Sterling, then starring in "The Grameroy Ghost" at the adjoining Morosco Theatre. The columnists dubbed them "The Romance of Shubert Alley." They were married six month after they met.
"Three Wishes for Jamie" was the next Broadway starter for Miss Jeffreys, after which she joined forces and talents with her husband; they toured top nightclubs and hotels in the country including the Waldorf in New York, the Sands in Las Vegas, Palmer House in Chicago, the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles and the Fairmont in San Francisco.
Their highly successful club act let to the long running and ever popular "Topper" TV series, in which they delighted audiences all over the world as George and Marion Kirby -- "The Ghosts with the Most."
After two years of filming 86 "Toppers," Miss Jeffreys "semi-retired" for her role as wife and mother. When she did accept a role, usually her three sons, Jeffreys, Dana and Tyler, with nurse in tow, went with her. She managed to do "Destry Rides Again" for the same companies, which later they repeated at the Lincoln Centre in New York and then on tour.
Alan Lerner persuaded her to take over the Broadway company of "Camelot" and tour with it for six months in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. It remains on of her favorite roles along with "The King and I," which she has done many times.
Miss Jeffreys has appeared on most of the top dramatic shows on TV as well as musical specials., talk shows and even a soap opera She Received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her work in "The Delphi Bureau" series.
Some of her other theatre performances include "Carousel," "Anniversary Waltz," "Bells Are Ringing," "Ninothcka," "Desert Song," "Do I Hear a Waltz?" "Song of Norway," "Most Happy Fella," "No Sex Please, We're British," "Take Me Along," "Follies," "and "The King and I."
An aquarian, born in North Carolina, Miss Jeffreys says she owes everything to her mother, who started and managed her career and even chose Robert Sterling as the man she should marry. After 50 years of happy marriage and three fine sons -- and a well rounded career -- the gregarious actress says, "My life has been a full, happy and active on; and I hope I'll always be as busy as a blind dog in a meat shop. I thrive on activity."

FILMS (Link to IMDB)

"Port Charles" (1997) TV Series . Amanda Barrington (1999, 2000-) 
Clifford (1994)  Annabelle Davis 
A Message from Holly (1992) (TV) . Elizabeth Caulfield 
Finder of Lost Loves (1984) (TV) .... Rita Hargrove 
"General Hospital"  TV Series  Amanda Barrington (1984-) 
Beggarman, Thief (1979) (TV)  Honor Day 
Independence (1976) Abigail Adams 
"The Delphi Bureau" TV Series Sybil Van Loween (1972-73) 
"Bright Promise" (1969) TV Series  Sylvia Bancroft 
Panic in the City (1967) Myra Pryor 
Boys' Night Out (1962)  Toni Jackson 
"Love That Jill" (1958) TV Series  Jill Johnson 
"Topper" (1953) TV Series  Marion Kerby 
.Return of the Bad Men (1948) Cheyenne
Riffraff (1947) Maxine Manning 
Trail Street (1947) Ruby Stone 
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946) Tess Trueheart 
Ding Dong Williams (1946)  Vanessa Page 
Vacation in Reno (1946) Eleanor 
Step by Step (1946) .... Evelyn 
Dick Tracy (1945) Tess Trueheart 
Genius at Work (1945) Ellen Brent 
Sing Your Way Home (1945) Kay Lawrence 
Zombies on Broadway (1945) Jean LaDance 
Those Endearing Young Charms (1945) .Suzibelle
Dillinger (1945) Helen Rogers 
Nevada (1944) Julie Dexter 
Step Lively (1944) Miss Abbott 
Hidden Valley Outlaws (1944) June Clark 
Mojave Firebrand (1944) Abigail Holmes 
Calling Wild Bill Elliott (1943) .... Edith Richards 
Chatterbox (1943) Vivan Gale 
Death Valley Manhunt (1943) Nicky Hobart 
Man from Thunder River (1943) 
Overland Mail Robbery (1943) Judy Goodrich 
Wagon Tracks West (1943) Moonbush 
Bordertown Gun Fighters (1943) Anita Shelby 
Joan of Ozark (1942) Marie Lamont 
The Old Homestead (1942) Goldie 
X Marks the Spot (1942) Lulu 
Yokel Boy (1942) Witness at wedding 
I Married an Angel (1942) Polly 
.Olaf Laughs Last (1942) 
Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942) Girl 
Billy the Kid Trapped (1942) Sally Crane 

Notable TV guest appearances
"Baywatch" (1989)  "Irene Buchannon"  "Diabolique"
"Baywatch" (1989)"Irene Buchannon": "To Everything There Is a .....Season"
"Baywatch" (1989)  "Irene Buchannon"  "Fatherīs Day" 
"Baywatch" (1989) "Irene Buchannon"  "Rubber Ducky" 
"Baywatch" (1989)  "Irene Buchannon" "AMatter Of Life And Death" 
"L.A. Law" (1986)  "I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. Markowitz" 
"Murder, She Wrote" (1984) "Agnes Shipley" "If a Body Meets a Body"
"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" (1979) "Prime Minister"  "Planet of .....the Amazon Women" 
"Battlestar Galactica" (1978)  "Siress Blassie": "Man with Nine Lives" 
"Fantasy Island" (1978)  "Reunion/Anniversary"
"My Three Sons" (1960) "Mrs. Carstairs" "What Did You Do Today,      .....Grandpa?" 
"The Man from U.N.C.L.E." (1964)  "Calamity Rogers"  "The .....Abominable Snowman Affair" 
"Bonanza" (1959)  "Lilly"  "The Unwritten Commandment" 
"Wagon Train" (1957) "Mary Beckett"  "The Mary Beckett Story" 
"Wagon Train" (1957) "Julia Gage" "The Julia Gage Story, The"
"The Steve Allen Show"
"Ed Sullivan Show"
"Milton Berle Show"
"Twentieth Century Fox Hour"
"Perry Como Show"
 "Joey Bishop Show"
 "Johnny Carson Show"
"Merv Griffin SHow"

"Street Scene"
"Kiss Me Kate"
"Destry Rides Again"
"Bells Are Ringing"
"Three Wishes from Jamie"
"The Merry Widow"
"Pal Joey"
"Light Up The Sky"
"Anniversary Waltz"
"Most Happy Fella"
"Desert Song"
"Marriage Go-Round"
"Do I Hear A Waltz"
"Song of Norway"
"No Sex Please, We're British"
"Take Me Along"
"The King and I"
"High Button Shoes"
"The Sound of Music"

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